Pain Medicine

Aster MIMS has introduced the first Advanced Pain Clinic in North Kerala aiming at providing non-surgical pain relief treatments to patients. The Department of Pain Medicine at Aster MIMS provides treatment for the root cause and manage the pain through individualised care. Through highly advanced treatments for acute and chronic pain, we enhance the quality of life of people. Non-surgical and minimally invasive pain treatments that meet international standards are made available under the guidance of experienced medical experts. Percutaneous discectomy and nucleoplasty, radio frequency ablations for facet joints and trigeminal ganglion, transforminal root blocks, sacroiliac joint blocks, and vertebroplasty for neurolytic blocks are the major treatments offered at the department.



Advantages of Minimally Invasive Procedures

  • Daycare Procedures. No Admission required
  • Done under Local Anaesthesia
  • No Stitch Scars
  • Minimal bed rest & faster joining to work
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